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Damascus Steel Knife Set

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4 Piece Damascus Steel Knife Set with Bamboo Block Included
Damascus blades are made by alternating layers of soft malleable wrought iron and hard, temperable steel. The steel portion of the blade gives it strength and the ability to hold a fine edge, while the iron provides elasticity so it won't break or chip. The layering pattern revealed by etching the surface has been refined over centuries into an art form. These are knives you will treasure for their appearance as well as for their cutting performance. 67 layers of forged Japanese Steel. Moisture and stain resistant handles are made from environmentally friendly bamboo. Set includes: 8'' Chef's Knife, 8'' Serrated Bread Knife, 8'' Carving Knife, 3.5'' Paring Knife and a Bamboo Block for storage. Block design is sleek so it takes less counter space and allows you to see which knife you are grabbing for increased efficiency.